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This is where you’re going to find generally interesting lifestyle stuff – from the ins and outs of sowing or wearing a nice suit, to brewing great beer or liquor, tying a bow tie, the history of the cufflink… just a lot of things that, as a modern man of a stylish disposition, you’re probably going to like.

Not just from us – from anywhere we find it. 

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Diamond posters

The beauty of a precious gemstone comes from its luster, which is brought out through cutting and polishing it – the facets and angles lets light reflect and refract inside the crystal, turning chemically simple minerals into an Aladdin’s cave of wonders.

In appreciation of the craftsmanship of stone cutting we’ve had a series of posters made – because if you love this stuff as much as we do, you, too would want to decorate your walls with these iconic shapes. 

You can buy the posters at Knægten & Sølvræven

Real men, real style

We’ve taken quite a liking to american style icon, fashion guide, and founder of “Real Men Real Style”, Antonio Centeno. You can go right to Youtube and browse his hundreds of videos yourself, of course – but we’ve put together some playlists that we think will be particularly relevant to you as a visitor here at Men Up North. We’ll be updating them going forward, so check back once in a while. 


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